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  • Version: 45.8.0

TenFourFox is a modern browser for older computers

TenFourFox is a web browser based on the popular Firefox browser. However, unlike its counterpart, this browser is designed to run on older Mac hardware, including PowerPC processors running older operating systems like OS X 10.4 and 10.5. Users of older computers can use this app for a modern browsing experience.

Everything old is new again

Mac users love how reliable their computers are. Over time, though, machines that still run perfectly well get left behind by software that will no longer work well on them. Other users may have no choice but to use older hardware provided by a workplace. If you're one of these users, you may struggle to get the web browsing tool you need. TenFourFox solves most of the problems that can result from an older machine running an older OS. Each generation of processor has its own specific version of TenFourFox, so make sure that you have the correct one. Even though this browser is built for older systems, there are still some aspects of Firefox that cause serious stability or security risks for early OS X, meaning that plugins and some other features are not available.

A good solution to a real problem

TenFourFox may be an imperfect web browser, lacking some features we now take for granted, but if you need to run a browser on an older version of OS X, it's a good way to do that.


  • Runs on older systems
  • Specific processor builds


  • No Firefox plug-ins
  • No Flash


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TenFourFox 45.8.0 for Mac


User reviews about TenFourFox

  • com pact

    by com pact

    excellent turned my G5 imac from a useless relic into a valuable instrument .Please Please , make this for the 10.6.8 machines , good mMore

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